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Bunions (hallux valgus) is a condition where the big toe deviates at the tip towards the lesser toes. It causes a large swelling at the inner side of the foot which causes pain with shoe wear. It if often inherited . It is aggravated by the use of fashion shoe wear (especially pointy toe shoes and high heels)

Claw and hammer toes

Claw and hammer toes  often occur with bunions. They can occur independently. The top of the toes develop callosities which become painful and rub with shoe wear. Often painful callosities also develop under the bony prominences in the forefoot..

Ankle arthritis

Ankle arthritis is another condition where the ankle joint becomes painful and stiff. Often it is due to a previous injury such as a fracture. Some people develop arthritis due to abnormal ankle joint mechanics. It is usually treated with an arthrodesis. In occasional patients an ankle joint replacement is performed.

Plantar fasciitis / heel spurs

Plantar fasciitis is a thickening of the fascia under the skin. it is often associated with burning pain under the heel. The pain is severe with the first step and then eases. It gets worse during the day. It is treated with regular stretches of the fascia and an injection of local anaesthetic and steroid to the tender area. In resistant cases it may be treated with surgical excision.


Dr. Soares has a particular interest in tendon transfer surgery. This interest developed from Dr Soares work with patients affected by leprosy. This has developed further with surgery for patients wth familial neuropathies like Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT). Dr Soares has presented as a guest speaker at the Queensland CMT association conference on several occasions.

Foot and ankle fractures

Foot fractures are common. Dr Soares will be pleased to assess you and offer you trusted advice n the management of your particular fracture.

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