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Online consultations

Dr. Soares is willing to provide online consultations.
These consultations are available for patients in Australia who live away from the major capital cities.
An online consultation can never be as good as a face to face consultation.
This is because Dr. Soares is unable to examine you via an online consultation. Therefore any advice provided at an online consultation may be incomplete and may not take into account all of your circumstances.
An online consultation is useful for patients who live a long way from Brisbane.You will save the time and costs of prolonged travel.
It can provide you with useful information to help you decide if you then want to proceed to a personal consultation.
You will need to be assessed personally prior to any surgery. 
For your consultation you will need:
Broadband connection
Preferably webcam separate from screen 
Microphone and speakers
Comfortable private space

Before your consultation
You will need to send the  following:
Referral letter from your doctor
Copies of any results for Xrays, Ultrasounds and MRI
Register for SKYPE
These can be sent by:
Fax:     07 32087775  
Post:    P.O. Box 1121, Springwood, QLD 4127
SKYPE ID     des.soares

The fees for online consultations are the same as our other consultations:
Medicare Australia also provides a subsidy for online consultations for Australian residents who qualify.

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