Joint replacement

Total hip replacement

 Hip arthritis is succesfully treated with total hip replacement. The improvement in quality of life after hip relacement is remarkable.Dr. Desmond Soares uses the Corail hip which is inserted without cement and integrates into your bone. 

Total Knee replacement


Knee replacement is successful for treating painful knee arthritis especially in patients older than 60 years. The lifespan of a knee replacement can be upto 15 years before it needs to be revised. Dr. Soares uses the LCS knee replacem 

Shoulder replacement

 Shoulder arthritis is less common when compared to hip and knee arthritis.  Shoulder replacement provides a new lease of life for people affected by arthritis.

Finger joint replacements

 Finger arthritis is common.  Replacements are usually performed for rheumatoid arthritis and occasionally for osteoarthritis. 

Elbow and wrist replacement

 These replacements are rarely performed. However in the right patient they can provide an excellent improvement in pain relief and function. 

Revision joint replacement

 All artificial joints have a finite life. Eventually mechanical components may wear and the joint replacement may need to be revised (redone).